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Lemon Essential Oil - 100% Pure

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AROMATHERAPY - Our 100% Pure Cold Pressed Therapeutic Grade Citrus Scented Lemon Oil will produce a revitalized, energized, and happy mood when used in your Essential Oil Diffuser or in a hot steamy bath after a long day at work. It’s aromatic properties reduce stress, calm anxiety, and improve memory retention and focus when used daily to help you live a more stress free life!

HOUSEHOLD USES - Our oil can be used in many ways throughout the home as a powerful additive to a Natural DIY Cleaning solution to leave behind a refreshing Citrus Scent and strengthen the cleaning power.

DISINFECTANT - Lemon Essential Oil is a non-toxic cleaner so it won’t harm your pets should they walk where you just cleaned up the gum, grease, or oil stain. Lemon Oil’s antiseptic properties will fully sanitize your countertops and tabletops throughout the whole house and will leave them smelling fresh for hours.

SKINCARE - Do you have oily acne-prone skin? If so our Lemon Oil may be your solution! Lemon Oil has astringent and noroushing properties that will help to reduce cellulite, flatten wrinkles, and hydrate dry and damaged skin. Mix our Lemon Oil with some Raw Honey for a homemade face cleanser.

PREMIUM QUALITY - Our Lemon Essential Oil is Therapeutic Grade and Cold Pressed from the finest Italian Lemon Rinds that we could find. This is NOT a Washed Oil and contains no additives, fillers, bases, carrier oils, alcohols, or anything extra to ensure that you receive every last benefit that the Lemon has to offer. We offer a money back satisfaction guarantee should you not be satisfied with your purchase, simply contact the company and we will take care of you!