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Cinnamon (Cassia) Essential Oil - 100% Pure

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AROMATHERAPY - Our 100% Pure Cassia Bark Oil has been used for many years to provide a Warm and Spicy Aromatic Scent which will help you fight feelings of Exhaustion, Drowsiness, and Fatigue. It’s powerful Warming and Stimulant Properties will Improve Respiratory Circulation to aid in Chest Congestion, Chest Colds, and Bronchitis

MUSCLE PAIN RELIEF - Our Cinnamon Oil can easily be blended with a Carrier Oil like our AromaOils Rosehip Oil and can be used as a Massage Oil to relieve achy muscles and sore joints after a long day at work or after a tough exercise routine. It can also be used in a hot bath to have the same effect. Helps with Arthritis and can Relieve Tension Headaches so that you have more energy at home.

ANXIETY and DEPRESSION RELIEF - Our Top Quality Scented Oil has a Tremendous Calming effect on your nervous system and will Provide a Boost to Your Immune System when diffused. This Refreshing Aroma will Ease your Troubling Thoughts and will Help you Overcome These Sometimes Crippling Issues.

PREMIUM QUALITY - Our Cinnamon Cassia Essential Oil is Therapeutic Grade and Steam Distilled from the twigs and bark of the finest Indonesian Cassia Evergreen Trees that we could find. This is NOT a Diluted Oil and contains no additives, fillers, bases, carrier oils, alcohols, or anything extra to ensure that you receive every last benefit that the Cassia Tree has to offer.