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Tea Tree Oil for Acne - My Story

Hi my name is Rhonda, I'm a 32 year old housewife and I've battled acne for more than a decade of my life, trying every ethical product I could find. Along the way I've learned some very interesting lessons, what worked, what didn't, and a very surprising solution that finally cured my acne, permanently. In this article I'll tell you about my decade-long struggle with acne and how I finally overcame it....  

Acne is certainly not an uncommon ailment, but it surprised me to learn that 85% of people develop acne between the ages of 12 - 24. So knowing this now, I felt the need to share what I've learned in the hopes of being that shortcut and save years of going down a long, dark path of 'hopeless solutions.'

Like most, I had my first bout with acne at the young age of 14. But it wasn't really a problem until people  started noticing. People's attention began drifting to my spotted chin, then it turned into blatant staring, and even nasty comments. 

And in true teenage fashion, it was the end of the world!  I withdrew myself from social gatherings, I was smothered by a blanket of anxiety just from talking to people, my confidence went out the window. I even lost a few friends, not because of the acne, but as a result of my seclusion.  

In school, your social life is everything. And this mysterious scoring system was based heavily on outer appearances. 


Unfortunately this trend doesn't end with school. Flare-ups can often occur later in adulthood for a number of reasons. Common medications, stress, and dietary changes are all common culprits for acne flare-ups.

After a decade of struggling with acne, it seemed to have bested me. I still had 4-6 breakouts per year even in my 30's and the scars were adding up.

When you show up to a party, job interview, or business meeting, your appearance leaves a first impression that becomes difficult to overcome. It often seems like you're climbing a mountain every time you meet someone new, and the summit is nowhere in sight.

There's enough to worry about in life, and acne is a nice way to top it off with a seemingly insurmountable layer of stress and insecurity.

Here's how I finally beat it...and it might seem a little weird.

After trying every acne treatment and medication under the sun, I was no better off! Breakouts were still just as severe, and in some instances the 'treatment' made it worse! Many common acne solutions contain a concoction of other toxins and additives that can produce unwanted side effects.

I started looking for natural, organic, safe solutions. And when I discovered Essential Oils, the idea of using oil to cure acne seemed insane. I thought the idea behind all of these acne treatments was to reduce oily skin.

Well, I was wrong.

I read countless case studies and testimonials, like this one:

"I am extremely pleased with this Tea Tree Oil. I am in my late 40's and have extremely oily skin and STILL acne prone. I added the oil to my daily morning face wash, it has kept the shine down and I haven't had any new acne break outs."

"This oil is kept in the bathroom used by my teenage boys. They use it to treat acne spots, and it works very well."

I spent a few weeks researching these essential oils, and Tea Tree Oil seemed to be the best solution for acne specifically. As it turns out, Pure Tea Tree Oil naturally contains anti-everything.

All of these contribute to an oil that deeply penetrates and naturally cures the skin of harmful bacteria that causes acne.

I cringed at the thought of ordering yet another treatment, I had all but given up. But this 100% Pure solution sounded promising, but more importantly, safe.

The bottle of Tea Tree Oil was small but I was advised to use just 1-3 drops in a carrier oil like Jojoba Oil. A small bottle will last for more than a month depending on the severity of the acne.

I ordered just one bottle of each so at least if it didn't work I would only be out a few dollars.

Within a week I had my Tea Tree Oil, and here's the process I used to clear up my acne.

  1. I washed my face initially with plain water
  2. I mixed up a 1:9 ratio of Tea Tree oil and Jojoba Oil, 1 part Tea Tree, 9 parts Jojoba
  3. I used a cotton swab to apply the mixture to the affected areas
  4. Lastly, I washed my face once more and applied a general moisturizer

This process was repeated each day until my flare-up subsided and then regularly three times a week.

Prior to using tea tree oil, I would have 4-6 flare-ups per year. But luckily I haven't had a full-blown flare-up in over 9 months. The odd one will appear, but after applying tea tree oil directly on the pimple it vanishes within 48 hours. The fact that my scars are fading away is icing on the cake!

I'm finally comfortable in a social setting, and my improved confidence has trickled down through every aspect of my life, both personal and professional.

If you're wondering which specific product I used to transform my life, Click Here to Buy it and see for yourself. They offer a guarantee so you really have no risk!  

I urge anyone still struggling with acne on a regular basis to seriously consider trying tea tree oil to finally rid themselves of this debilitating infection.