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Tea Tree Essential Oil Directions For Use

Four Amazing Uses for Tea Tree Oil

“I got this tea tree oil and applied it to my skin tags and they are gone!!!” - ChristinaKS

Tea Tree Oil comes from a particular plant in Australia. It's been used for skin conditions for centuries. 

  1. Tea Tree Oil has been found to be effective for some types of skin tags, especially if they are caused by bacteria, fungus, or viruses. It can take up to a month to get them to fall off, but Tea Tree Oil can do it painlessly! 
  1. Tea Tree Oil is also used to help with acne for the same reasons. Mix 2-5 drops of tea tree oil with 1 tsp of carrier oil like AromaOils Castor Oil, then apply it to your blemishes with a q-tip. You should see results in three days and have much clearer skin. 
  1. Do you suffer from nail fungus? Tea Tree Oil is the natural solution. Apply it the same way that you do for acne (without the Carrier Oil though, it isn’t necessary) and you'll have healthy nails in no time! Like skin tags, it can take a few weeks to a few months for stubborn fungus to disappear. Be consistent and persistent with application, it didn’t occur overnight and it won’t go away overnight. 
  1. Tea Tree Oil is also great for when you have a cold. It opens up the nasal passages similar to how peppermint oil works. Try using it by sniffing the open bottle, adding it to an oil diffuser, or mixing it with a carrier oil like AromaOils Castor Oil and rubbing it on your chest. You'll be amazed at how your cold symptoms lift.


Now that you understand some of the results you will experience from Tea Tree oil... I bet you’d like to know how to get the best possible results from it...

How to Get the Best Results When Using Tea Tree Oil

“My big toenail really looks much better than before, after about two weeks of application, the fungus has diminished substantially!” - RangerRich

Here’s how to get the best results from Tea Tree oil:

  1.  Never ingest Tea Tree Oil. It is toxic when ingested! Topical application is safe if diluted.
  2. It is best to dilute Tea Tree Oil in a carrier oil like AromaOils Castor Oil before use. We use 100% essential oil. When diluting, do not exceed 10% tea tree oil in your blend without consulting with a doctor or a trained herbalist. If you get skin irritation as a result of using tea tree oil, check your dilution. Discontinue use if you continue to experience skin irritation despite dilution. 
  1. For small areas like eyelashes or eyebrows, use a brush or a q-tip to apply the diluted oil. Try not to get any into your eyes. It will sting! We also don't recommend using Tea Tree Oil in the mouth due to its toxicity.
  2. For stubborn skin conditions like fungus, you may need to apply the oil for several weeks to several months. 
  1. Not all skin tags respond to Tea Tree Oil. If your tags are caused by a response to bacterial or viral infection, then Tea Tree Oil will allow your body to heal the tag. If your skin tag will not heal after a month of use, discontinue use and speak with a doctor.

FAQ’s About Tea Tree Oil

Q: How do I use it for skin tags?

A: There are two ways. You can apply diluted oil to a band-aid and place it over the tag, or wet a cotton ball in diluted oil and tape it in place. In either case, this process should be done twice daily with at least one hour apart between applications.

Q: How do I use it for acne or nail fungus?

A: Use a swab to paint the affected areas with diluted Tea Tree Oil and let it dry. Do this two times daily until the problem clears.

Q: I read that you can use tea tree oil directly for skin tags. Should I?

A: We don't recommend it. While it is not toxic to use it full-strength topically, undiluted tea tree oil can burn the skin and leave you with an itchy rash over the spot. It's better to dilute it, especially if the tag is in a visible spot.