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Clove Bud Essential Oil Directions For Use

Four Lovely Uses for Clove Bud Oil for Health!

 “A godsend for dental pain!” - EB

 Clove Bud oil has been used for centuries for a number of purposes:

 1. It is one of the best natural remedies for toothaches. A few drops inside of the cavity will numb the pain. That's all! If it's hard to reach, you can add some drops to a clean swab and rub it over the surrounding gums.

 2. It doesn't just work on toothaches either. If you have a cold sore, canker sore, or a cut inside of your mouth, clove oil can numb those as well. Again, use a swab and rub it gently over the area to experience fast pain relief. Spit out any excess oil or saliva afterward.

 3. If you want your house to smell like fall, a combination of clove and cinnamon oil will make it happen! Just add 20 drops of each with 8 oz of water and spray it around your house, and your home will smell great in no time.

 4. Speaking of colds, clove bud oil also makes an excellent aromatherapy treatment to open up clogged sinuses. It's great for other respiratory ailments too. Again, the swab is your friend. Put a few drops on a swab and insert it gently into your nostril!

Now that you understand the results you will experience from clove bud oil... I bet you’d like to know how to get the best possible results from it...

 How to Get the Best Results When Using Clove Bud Oil

 “I have been using this essential oil in my diffuser to help alleviate my cough due to Bronchitis, it smells wonderful and makes my whole house smell like I have been baking all day.” - Margaret

 1. Clove bud oil should almost always be diluted before use, especially for topical application. Using it on a swab for dental pain is fine. Remember that any essential oil is highly concentrated. Only a little is necessary! Always use less and then gradually use more if needed. Our bottles let you measure out the oil in drops.

 2. We do not recommend that any of our essential oils be taken internally. Essential oils are extremely potent and can have strong side effects. Do not use our essential oils for internal medicine or for cooking. Some people are allergic to the primary ingredient of clove bud oil (eugenol) so care is necessary.

 3. Clove bud oil is also used to relax muscles, remove fungus, and remove dark circles under the eyes, but it must be diluted before use. Most people have some sensitivity to topical application of clove oil. Try diluting five drops in 1 tsp of a carrier oil like our Castor Oil first. If you experience a skin reaction, try it again with two drops. If it happens again, you may need to seek an alternate oil for your intended use.

 4. For aromatherapy purposes, most people can tolerate a few drops inside of an oil diffuser with no problems. And as our reviewer above states, it does make the house smell wonderful!

 5. If you are using clove bud oil or any other essential oil for a serious ailment such as asthma or a fungal infection, speak with your doctor before use.

FAQ’s About Clove Bud Oil

Q: My skin is red/itchy/inflamed after using clove bud oil!

A: Never use clove bud oil directly on the skin. It should always be diluted! Add a few drops to a lotion or carrier oil instead. If you still experience red or itchy skin even after dilution, use clove bud oil only as an aromatherapy.

Q: I read that clove bud oil can be used for internal ailments and can be ingested. Is this true?

A: We do not recommend that you use our essential oils for internal purposes. Some people are very sensitive to them and it could cause a dangerous reaction.

 Q: XYZ brand says they use a different species than you. Who has the real clove bud oil tree?

A: The scientific names for many species have changed over the years. AromaOils labels our clove bud oil as coming from Syzygium aromaticum. Older names for the same tree include Caryophyllus aromaticus, Eugenia aromatica, Eugenia caryophyllata, and Eugenia caryophyllus. All of these refer to the same tree.

Q: Why does your clove bud oil smell so different from other brands?

A: First, some brands sell a diluted form of the oil by adding clove bud oil to a carrier oil like jojoba. We only sell 100% therapeutic grade clove bud oil with no dilution. Second, every part of the clove tree contains the active ingredients in clove bud oil, but it is the buds that have the highest concentration. This is why we sell clove bud oil and not a generic “clove” oil or a less concentrated clove leaf oil. Oil from other parts of the tree could have a sweeter flavor and won't smell like freshly ground cloves. Smash a few fresh cloves and compare for yourself!