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About Us

Why AromaOils?

 "My kids have asthma so we use this nightly in their diffuser to clear the air and help them breathe better at night."

It was after receiving countless comments like this that we realized the true impact of AromaOils. This is why we do what we do, it's the oxygen that fuels our business.

But let's rewind to the beginning. Peoples’ standards are becoming more and more stringent as we cruise into 2016. And these ever increasing standards have left a lot of people disappointed, hopelessly searching for pure, natural, and therapeutic grade oils. Just a few years ago the essential oils landscape severely lacked quality products that were free of additives, toxins, and fillers.

Our mission was to change this trend. We set out to be one of the leaders responsible for bringing essential oils, at scale, at a price anyone could afford.

We put together a team of researchers, scientists, and engineers, to bring AromaOils to life. We wanted to make a splash, but what we created was a tidal wave, something we didn’t expect.

Our 100% pure essential oils have set the bar in the industry. From our Dead Sea Mud Mask, extracted from the clay floor of ancient water in Israel, to our best selling Tea Tree Oil, a rare plant extract native to Australia.

Our suite of essential oils - Tea Tree and Lavender and may more to come in 2016; and our Carrier Oils like Jojoba and Rosehip, and our Beauty products like our Emu Oil and our Dead Sea Mud Mask have become a pivotal and often life­changing role in our customers’ lives. All 20,000 customers and counting!

Moving forward, our goal is to continue to raise the bar and remain the premier supplier of essential oils and beauty products. On the back of top­notch research and innovative engineering, our products will continue to enrich lives.

While the fountain of youth might be a myth, we're on a mission to develop essential oils that are the closest thing to it.

We'd love for you to be a part of this mission.


The Team at AromaOils